Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue



Online Tax Payment:

The Online Payment System is a facility that allows ALL taxpayers with a valid Assessment/Bill Reference to make payment of Taxes/Fines/Fees/Levies to the Government of Zamfara State directly from their Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card at the comfort of their homes or offices.

It is very safe and secure as we do not store any of your banking details and verification SMS is sent to the mobile phone number registered to your accounts before transactions can be completed.

With this service you can make payment(s) for your own bill(s) or for another taxpayer.

Step-by-Step Process:

To be able to make payment(s) for your Taxes/Fines/Fees/Levies Online as a Taxpayer, you MUST have a valid “Assessment/Bill Reference” generated from the ZBIR Electronic Revenue Management System (e-RMS) platform, otherwise click on “Online Self-Billing” menu on the left hand side of this window to generate one, and then proceed with:

1. Click on the link “Click Here To Make Payment Online” at the bottom of this page, and wait for the “Taxpayer Login” screen to load

2. Enter your TaxID/Username and default Password as 1111111 if you are logging in as a Taxpayer for the first time and click on the “Sign In” button. The system will prompt you to change your default password;


Enter your TaxID/Username and new Password if you had previously changed your default password and click on “Sign In” button to continue;

3. Click on either “Pay From Account” or “Pay From Card” button depending on your preferred option and wait for the “Validate Assessment/Bill Reference” screen to load;

4. Enter your Assessment/Bill Reference in the field specified and click on the “Validate” button. The system will display a message: Invalid Assessment/Bill Reference, please check again or generate a new one, if the reference entered does not exist on the ZBIR e-RMS platform;


The system will display a message: Assessment/Bill Reference is Valid, proceed with your payment;

5. Click on the “xxx” button to continue;

6. Provide your Bank Account/Credit Card information in the form displayed;

7. Click on the “Pay” button to complete the transaction

Click Here To Make Payment Online