Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue



Online Self-Billing:

The Online Self-Billing enables ALL registered taxpayers with valid TaxID/Username to generate Assessment/Bill for Taxes/Fines/Fees/Levies on their own without having to visit any Tax/Area Offices.

Note the amounts generated as Taxes/Fines/Fees/Levies through Self-Billing maybe subject to ratification or additional Assessment/Bill.

Step-by-Step Process:
In order to be able to generate Assessment/Bill Online as a Taxpayer, you MUST be registered on the ZBIR Electronic Revenue Management System (e-RMS) platform and be issued a valid TaxID/Userame and Password, otherwise click on “Online Self-Registration” menu on the left side of this screen to generate your own, and then proceed with:

1. Click on the link “Click Here To Generate Online Bill” at the bottom of this page, and wait for the “Taxpayer Login” screen to load;

2. Enter your TaxID/Username and default Password as 1111111 if you are logging in as a Taxpayer for the first time and click on the “Sign In” button. The system will prompt you to change your default password;
Enter your TaxID/Username and new Password if you had previously changed your default password and click on “Sign In” button to continue;

3. Click on the orange color “Self-Billing” button on the right side of the screen, wait for the Assessment/Billing form to display;

4. Select the “MDA” to make payment to and wait for the corresponding revenue list field to display underneath;

5. Select the “Revenue Name” you want to make payment for;

6. Enter the exact “Amount” you want to pay without any comma e.g. 3500 or 3500.67;

7. Select what “Year” the payment is meant for;

8. Select which “Month” of the year selected above the payment is meant for;

9. Enter any brief detail in the “Remark” field;

10. Click on the “Generate Assessment” button;

11. Click on “Print” button to printout a copy of this bill or copy out the “Assessment/Bill Reference” correctly and take it to the nearest branch of any of the Revenue Collection Banks;


Click on either “Pay From Account” or “Pay From Card” button to make your payment Online.

Click Here To Generate Bill Online