Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue



Online Self-Registration:

This Online Self-Registration module enables Taxpayers (Individual and Company) to submit minimum prerequisite information online and obtain instantly, their Tax ID/Username and a default password for use in accessing the ZBIR Electronic Revenue Management System (e-RMS) platform subsequently.

You may be required to submit additional information by visiting the nearest Tax/Area Office to your residence or office.

…Your Tax Identification Number, Your Identity.

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Click on the link “Click Here To Register As Taxpayer Online” at the bottom of this page and wait for the form page to load;

2. Enter your Full Names as you would like to appear in your official documents, usually in the order: First Name, Middle Name and Last Name in the case of an individual taxpayer;

3. Enter your current valid Contact Address in the format: House Number, Street Name, Landmark, Area/City, State. e.g. 23, Gwanzo Dambiri Street, Diamond Estate, Gusau, Zamfara State;

4. Enter your current valid Mobile Phone Number where you would receive SMS notifications;

5. Click on the “Register Taxpayer” button at the bottom of the form and wait for the system to process and generate your TaxID/Username and default Password;

6. Copy out your TaxID/Username and default Password displayed on the screen OR check your mobile phone for SMS notification containing same information.


Store your TaxID/Username safe and handy. You will be required to present your TaxID/Username in ALL transactions with any of the MDAs in Zamfara State.

Click Here To Register As Taxpayer Online