Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue


Online Self-Registration:

The Online Self-Registration enables Taxpayers (Individual and Company) to submit prerequisite information online and obtain their Tax ID.

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Online Self-Billing:

The Online Self-Billing enables ALL registered taxpayers with valid Tax ID to generate a bill/invoice of taxes on their own without having to visit a tax office.

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Online Tax Payment:

The Online Payment System is a facility that allows ALL taxpayers with a valid Bill Reference to make payment to the Government of Zamfara State

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Validate/Print Receipt:

Receipt Validation is an online tool that enables a taxpayer independently print/verify the authenticity of the copy of his/her Revenue Receipt, simply by entering

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Validate/Print Bill:

Bill Validation is an online tool that enables a taxpayer to independently verify the authenticity of the details (especially, Amount and Revenue Item) of his/her

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Print Remittance Statement:

Print Remittance is an online tool which enables registered taxpayers to generate a complete history/record of their payments to the Government of

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